Carport Systems

Orion Carport Systems & Construction offers structures that can mount most types of modules. Our systems are compatible with any parking lot to meet your solar needs. Made from high grade galvanized steel, our carport structures are designed to ensure compliance with building codes. Available in single cantilever (L-shaped) or double cantilever (T-shaped), our commercial carports are designed to house 2 parking spots underneath 18 foot spacing, and can provide tilts of 0, 5, and 10 degrees.

Orion Carport Leto Carport System


LETO is a double column, single cantilever carport. Ideal for commercial spaces, our LETO can shade entire parking lots. It is designed to span two parking spots (18ft) and can be constructed side by side to shade entire rows.

Orion Carport: Titan Carport System


TITAN is a double column, double cantilever carport. Designed for parking arrays of two rows, one TITAN can provide shade for a total of four parking spots, side by side and nose to nose. Available in Box Steel or HSS Steel.

Orion Carports: Custom Carport Systems


Orion can also offer custom design solutions to meet any challenging projects. Please contact us for further information.