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We Are Orion Carport Systems & Construction, Inc.

Design | Engineering | Supply | Installations

We design, engineer, supply, and install and commercial steel solar carports that are attractive, durable, economical, and functional. We understand that not every parking environment is the same and that each and every one is unique. With this in mind, we critically analyze your ideas and requirements and develop them to not only meet your design details, project schedule, and budget, but also satisfy building-code requirements.


Our in-house engineering team works closely with other staff members to assure a successful outcome for your residential and commercial solar carport projects. With a proven track record of great execution, Orion Carport Systems and Construction Inc. are experts in providing carport solutions that are high quality and cost-effective.

Our Services

  • Site layout and evaluation

  • Foundation design & layout

  • Project management

  • Procurement of raw material

  • Structural Steel detailing

  • Fabrication and coatings

  • Regional building code analysis

  • Complete structural design and analysis

  • Steel Erections

  • Freight service

  • Foundation excavation & installation

  • Carport Installation

  • Site cleanup

Escondido aerial photo.jpg

Carport Installation

Solar businesses and installers turn to Orion Carport Systems and Construction Inc. for the installment of steel carport projects because we strongly understand that the key to a successful installation requires high quality construction service. To assure the quality of our services at all times, we make sure our field crews go through extensive and continuous training, which includes but not limited to:

  • Carport layout

  • Field painting

  • Foundation excavation and installation

  • Grade and elevation analysis

  • Roof sheeting and/or solar panel installation

  • Solar racking layout and installation

  • Steel erection and field fabrication


  • Custom design available

  • Quick and easy installation; systems are designed to reduce field installation labor

  • Designing and engineering support from beginning to end of project

  • Adaptable to support any PV module

  • 15 year warranty with minimum 20 year expected life

  • Lighting and EV charging station capable

  • Available in 0, 5, and 10 degrees

  • Wide selection of pre-engineered designs:

       Single – Leto structures

       Double – Titan structures

       Single – Kronos design

Pacific-BMW rooftop custom array evening view.jpg
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