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How We Build

You'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our planet.

Why Orion Carport Systems & Construction, Inc.


Prior to every construction, we provide an estimate of the cost of your project based on comparable jobs, as well as our teams’ development experience. Afterwards, the preconstruction team approves and refines utilizing subcontractor input, constructability studies, phasing and site staging plans, while schedules are furnished by the logistics & scheduling team. From preconstruction and operations, project contracts, insurance requirements, to legal, the planning team provides a smooth transition between these processes.


We understand that every project is unique, and therefore, we always anticipate possible constraints that may interfere with scheduled projects. To ensure the smoothest transition possible, our team carefully reviews job sites to identify any limitations that may delay the project.


Following careful constructability reviews, we determine the most efficient schedule that accommodates project goals. From design details, budget of projects, to schedule constraints, we carefully weigh any concerns that were drawn from site visits to determine the most efficient sequence schedule. After the schedule has been established, our team makes sure to understand and lay out every facet of the project before the start of work. We ensure that every team member are in communication with one another, so that everyone thoroughly understands the overall schedule and project goals.


Whether your project is in a residential or commercial space, Orion’s carport systems are adaptable to support any PV module. Our carport systems are designed to reduce field installation labor, and can be fixed at tilt angles ranging from 0, 5, and 10 degrees in either Tee or Semi-Cantilever structures. With a 15 year limited warranty, our carport systems are made of high strength galvanized steel structures that can withstand any weather conditions found across the U.S., including Hawaii. Saving you time and money, our carports also include prefabricated components, as well as integrated purlin design that make the installation process quick and easy. In addition, Orion Carport Systems and Construction also offer custom design solutions to meet the needs of your project.


When it comes to our clients, employees, and subcontractors, safety is top priority. Always aiming for zero incidents in our workplace, Orion Carport Systems and Construction is committed to ensuring a safe work environment through clear communication between team members and training.


At Orion Carport Systems and Construction, we are aware of the dangers that come with the work we do. Through the Crisis and Emergency Plan, all employees and partners are informed and prepared to handle any unforeseen situations that may arise.

  • Emergency Response Teams (ERT) on job-sites

  • Site-specific Crisis and Emergency Response Plans

  • Semiannual Crisis and Emergency Training for Senior and Executive Management Team

LADOT Semicant arrays on parking structure.jpg


At Orion Carport Systems & Construction, we make sure to deliver high-quality services and projects to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied. Prior to the start of any project, we get a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, as well as offer pro forma estimates that will allow our customers to make informed decisions. Further, we continue to measure quality during the construction phase of projects, and ensure that we carry out projects to not only satisfy our customers, but also make sure that our services and products are the best in the industry.


Orion Carport Systems routinely provides up-to-date training for all of our employees. Training includes:

  • Annual Crisis and Emergency Training with third party coordinator for executive and supervisory personnel

  • Carpenters and laborers are trained and certified frequently on the following:

    • Cal-flagger

    • Forklift/Gradall

    • Scissor Lift

  • Construction Safety Orientation

    • Covering more than 20 topics, new employees are required to participate in a two-hour safety program

  • Miscellaneous Training

    • As required by OSHA, we also work with third party consultants for specialty training and certification on crane signaling, fall protection, flagging, rigging, as well as other specialty training.

  • Online Safety Programer

    • Utilizing, the field management team are required to participate in weekly and monthly levels 2 & 3 training classes

  • Foremen, project assistants, project engineers, and project managers are frequently trained and certified on the following:

    • CPR/AED

    • First Aid

    • OSHA 10/30

  • All site personnel are required to attend and participate in the Site Specific Safety Orientation, which covers site specific safety hazards.

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