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LADOT Downtown Maintenance Facility Carport Project

Orion Carports & Systems Construction Inc. is happy to announce that Orion Carports is partnering with the Sinanian Group to design, engineer, fabricate and install solar carports at the New GOLD LEED certified new maintenance facility of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) on Commercial Street in downtown Los Angeles. The Central Bus Facility will handle the operations, maintenance, fueling and storage for LADOT Transit’s DASH Downtown LA Bus Fleet. The installation of solar carports will also help to fulfill the LADOT’s environmental sustainability commitment.

The ORION Carport System totaling about 377.625 KW is projected to produce 583.7 MWH per year. This amount of energy produced is equivalent to CO 2 emissions from 259,397 pounds of coal burned. The carports will enable the LADOT to increase its own utilization of ‘Green power’ and make the energy supply to the facility independent of grid instabilities due to earthquake, fire or other emergencies. “WE ARE HAPPY AND EXCITED TO MEET LADOT BUDGET AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS TO HELP OUR LOCAL UTILITY COMPANY BY USING OUR CARPORT SOLUTIONS. WE HOPE TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE ORION’S CARPORT SOLUTIONS TO OTHER LADOT FACILITIES TO HELP PROMOTE CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY,” SAID BOB SINAI, CEO OF ORION

About Orion Carport Systems Based in Los Angeles, Orion Carport Systems and Construction Inc. designs, fabricates, and installs residential and commercial steel solar carports that are attractive, durable, economical, and functional. Designed and fabricated in the USA, Orion Carport Systems are installed nationwide. Orion’s mission is to foster renewable energy through continued research and development devoted to solar power.

Orion Carports come in two standard options, LETO is for single row car parking, TITAN is for double or tandem car parking. Within those two configurations the carports can be adjusted for height 9- 14 feet, column spans up to 27 ft, and carport widths of up to 22 ft for the LETO and 40 ft for the TITAN modules. They are easy to assemble on site, and installation can be done by a qualified experienced general contractor. The solar carport market is experiencing high growth and we are happy to contribute to the green energy being generated on parking lots all over the country and beyond.

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